Lily HBase Indexer

Indexing HBase, one row at the time

This project is maintained by NGDATA and Cloudera

Lily HBase Indexer

Lily HBase Indexer provides the ability to quickly and easily search for any content stored in HBase. It allows you to quickly and easily index HBase rows into Solr, without writing a line of code. It doesn't require Lily, but originates from years of experience indexing HBase as part of Lily - the Customer Intelligence Data Management Platform from NGDATA.

Lily HBase Indexer drives HBase indexing support in Cloudera Search, the SEP trigger notification mechanism is used inside Lily as well.

User Documentation

Usage documentation can be found on the hbase-indexer Wiki -

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A standalone library for asynchronously processing HBase mutation events by hooking into HBase replication, see the SEP readme.

HBase SEP & Replication Monitoring

A standalone utility to monitor HBase replication progress, see the SEP-tools readme.